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It is with great pride to see Petroleum Exploration and Production Authority (PEPA) has been achieving a lot of successes and prosperity over the past years, and one of these significant successes was the establishment of Data Bank Development Project (DBDP). DBDP is a positive move and a strong forward push for a realistic Petroleum investment and will have a strong echo not only in Yemen Oil market but also throughout the international oil market.

Minister of Oil and Minerals                  

  Mohammed Abdullah Ahmed bin Nabhan          


( MOM )


Due to the rapid development of technology on the petroleum Exploration and Production in Yemen oil Blocks, and increasing rate of data flow in a way requiring the operating and managing the Petroleum data by using the latest technologies and systems, to reach the optimum utilization of such information in record time, in order to keep up with the development in the global petroleum industry.Therefore, Petroleum Exploration and Production Authority (PEPA) has worked hard and made serious efforts during the past period until now to study the suitable solutions and mechanism to archive, operate and retrieve the cumulative data since the beginning of the Petroleum activity in Yemen.These efforts have culminated in the establishment of Data Bank development project which is one of the most important strategic projects for the Petroleum sector in Yemen.Consequently, the Data Bank Development Project represents one of the most important infrastructures for Yemen and considered the backbone of the Petroleum industry in Yemen.Subsurface resources that are unique in value and importance can only be determined by its data and analysis. Through the use of analysis tools, it is possible to better manage these natural resources-oil and gas so PEPA established DBDP to utilize the information by archiving, preserving and securing the Petroleum data scientifically and provided DBDP with the latest E&P data management software and Application engineering development Software.

PEPA Chairman     

                           Eng . Nassr Ali AL-Humaidi


( PEPA )



What is DBDP?



DBDP has the vision to be the center of information services for Yemen Oil Industry. It aims to centralize data management operations, technology acquisition, and technology services, thus allowing the sharing of personnel and technology resources, which in turn will result in substantial cost savings.


Essential Data Management Services

The DBDP Data Management Services are intended to provide DBDP members with the essential and continuous data management services for their Exploration and Production information, which includes regular digital data archiving, digital data updates, user support, as well as digital data access through an easy to use web interface.



Additional Services


In addition to the Essential Data Management Services, DBDP also provides the members with added value services from data preparation and delivery, technology mastery, consultation, to the provision of interpretation application package that will provide the cost-effective solution to the DBDP members' interpretation needs.



Concession Investment Promotion 


PEPA welcomes all International oil companies to invest in the oil exploration industry in Yemen. PEPA also provides the oil investors with all the support, any assessment help, and coordinate operation activates. PEPA drives and manages all concessions promotion activates in Yemen. PEPA has conducted two major international and successful concession license rounds and has announced the third license round.More.....





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