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Additional Services

The DBDP additional services are intended to provide DBDP members with value-added services to optimize field operations. These services are provided upon request.

1- Other Data Archiving Services

Other data archiving services accommodates requests that are not covered by the Basic Digital Data Archiving Service, which is part of the DBDP Data Management Services. This service includes but not limited to digital archiving of data that are not part of the Yemen Data Set (YDS).

2- Other Data Access Services

Other data access service accommodates requests that are not covered by the Digital Data Access Service above, which is part of the DBDP Data Management Services.

These services include the following:

  • The need to have more data access licenses to access the DBDP system above the allocated number of user licenses specified upon registration.
  • Customization and/or creation of additional digital data reports for operation purposes.
  • The installation and configuration of connectivity equipment in the DBDP member's premises.

3- Data Preparation and Delivery Service

Data, as part of Yemen Data set, when requested by the Users will be prepared and made available for pickup from the DBDP. The request can be made online from the DBDP data access web interface, where the user can select the data of interest, put them in the shopping cart, and submit the order request for those items.

4- Cartography (Mapping) Service

The DBDP hosts a service facility to generate maps using the available cultural data. Different scales of single or multiple copy map generation is available. The deliverables for this service are available for pickup from the DBDP.

5- Scanning and Digitizing Services

Document scanning is related to the process of archiving documents that is related to seismic and well data into DBDP system. Scanning of A4 documents in TIFF and PDF formats is provided.

6- Production Data Capture From Field Operations To DBDP Service

Timely access to accurate information provides head office management with the opportunity to scrutinize and predict company production trends and behavior. Remedial actions can then be taken expediently, if required.

DBDP shall provide the service to allow automated collection of operational and production data electronically through SCADA, handheld and other automated mechanisms. The service will connect the electronic system to the DBDP system and allow automatic digital transfer of data provided a communication link is available between the operational field and the DBDP. Production Sales back allocation capability compliments the above.

7- Personnel Training Services

DBDP Access Training

DBDP shall provide training services to DBDP registered users to use the Web browser for accessing authorized DBDP data. The training will encompass all aspects of the web software required for users to browse, select and request for the data they require. In addition it will also teach the users on how they can manipulate the standard report templates that can be saved based on user needs.

Technology Mastery

There are many ways in which an E&P company can increase/maintain corporate growth strategies. One of the strategies is to Leverage technology and people.

Rarely has management in an E&P organization not considered reducing barriers that impede cycle time, accuracy, or decision making, in order to meet business objectives of increased reserves and/or profitability. Organizations require many or all of the following:

  • More creativity, faster decisions to fuel new prospects, development and production
  • Proof of concept that new ideas work: no time to waste on ideas
  • The ability to manage in a global economy with minimal professional staff

8- Seismic Processing/reprocessing Of Pre and Post/Stack Data Service

DBDP members may identify seismic reprocessing requirements. DBDP shall provide upon request this service to process/reprocess Seismic data.

9- Interpretation And Analysis Services

DBDP shall have the service to enable DBDP members to conduct interpretation, analysis, evaluation and validation activities and studies on their blocks using their own data that is available in DBDP and/or their own user’s data (YDS compliant). This service provides DBDP members with access to the interpretation package on a pay-per-use basis. The interpretation applications will enable the users to do the static modeling, dynamic modeling, production analysis, drilling planning, and simulation.

The DBDP members will be able to perform those activities from their own premises using their own hardware, the above software, and their own data that is available in DBDP and/or their own user’s data (YDS compliant). The license will be served from DBDP office.

10- Consultation Services

DBDP shall provide consultation services that may be applicable to any of the offered services in this document. Consultation services may include studies, interpretation, and reservoir modeling.