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Services are the most important part of DBDP operation. These technology services are securely accessible by the production operators. Data security policies are applied to all registered users of the DBDP to allow access authorized data for authorized users only.

There are two types of technology services that is provided in DBDP. The first one is the Essential Data Management Services, which provides the Oil Companies with the day-to-day data management activities such as digital data archiving, physical asset management, operational reporting, and digital data access. For more information about the Essential Data Management Services,
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The second set of technology services provided by DBDP are the Additional Services. These services are optional and considered value added services on top of the Essential Data Management Services. The Additional Services ranges from data preparation and delivery, technology mastery, consulting, to the provision of interpretation application package to the DBDP members. For more information about the Additional Services provided by DBDP,
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