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Essential Data Management Services

The DBDP Data Management Services are intended to provide DBDP members with the essential and continuous data management services for their Exploration and Production information.

1- Digital Data Archiving Services

The Digital Data Archiving Services provides the DBDP members with regular digital data archiving, digital data updates, user support, software upgrades, and hardware upgrades.

These services are divided into two distinct parts namely:

A. Data Management Center Services related to utilization of the DBDP including:

  • DBDP infrastructure
  • Network monitoring and security management
  • Server hardware and software management
  • Maintenance of the latest version of software, with associated 3rd party licenses.
  • System Administration including setting up of User accounts, database security, security entitlements.
  • Oracle administration, database monitoring and tuning.
  • User Registration and activity monitoring system
  • Help Desk Support for the technology served from DBDP
  • Scheduled Backup and Disaster Recovery Procedures

B. Database Maintenance Services

On an ongoing basis, DBDP will be responsible for the maintenance of the data management system setup, provide database administration services and the delivery of data into and out of the digital databases located at the DBDP.

Data Gathering

Data Owners are responsible for delivering the new well data as and when available. Data Owners may request to the various data vendors instructing that their data updates be delivered directly to DBDP. DBDP will inventory all delivered data in preparation for loading the data into the databases. The formats required for the data delivered is as per Yemen Data Set (YDS) guidelines.

  • Data Loading and Storage
    Loading of Seismic, Well, Drilling and Daily Production data (both new & historical data). DBDP shall verify that all data loaded into the DBDP Database, comply with DBDP minimum standards as per DBDP policies and procedures. In the event that data reported does not comply with PEPA and/or DBDP standards, the Data Owner will be contacted without delay by the DBDP and corrective action agreed.

  • Data Security Entitlements
    System configuration for all DBDP registered users to view all YDS data in accordance with data security entitlements. DBDP member operators will be responsible for specifying their requirements for data security entitlements.

  • Quality Assurance Checks
    DBDP provides initial Quality Assurance Checks (QAC) on header information for completeness and data readability. DBDP will check 15 key Well Site Data (WSD) header parameters for completeness. If the header data is incomplete, DBDP will set up correspondence with the respective data owner designated representative to obtain the missing header information.

  • Read media
    DBDP will attempt to read all media (adherence to YDS guidelines not withstanding) supplied by data owners. In the event some media is unreadable, a DBDP representative will inform the designated data owner representative, and discuss remedial operations, if clear Business Rules do not exist.

2- Digital Data Access Services

Each registered DBDP member is allocated a fixed number of DBDP software user licenses including the web browser software based on the number of wells that need to be managed for each DBDP member. This service is provided through the web browser interface, which will allow easy browsing, selection and ordering of data.

The web interface enables DBDP members to browse the corporate database to determine what data is available and then “drill down” to the specific data repository to select, review and order the desired data from the system. The information are represented graphical format, which makes it easy for basic analysis of data. for sample of screen captures of the web interface  Click Here.

DBDP members can access the data stored in DBDP repositories remotely from within their sites, provided that network link to DBDP exists.

3- Operational Reporting Service

DBDP also provides the service to allow the DBDP members to store their operational reports inside DBDP storage system. This will enable the DBDP member operators to submit those reports to PEPA digitally, eliminating the need to generate multiple copies of a report. DBDP team will then load these reports into the system, enabling authorized personnel in PEPA to browse and view the reports on line.

4- Physical Asset and Document Management Service

DBDP provides digital cataloguing services for the following Physical Assets.

  • Documents
  • Tapes
  • Prints
  • Films
  • Maps

These assets will be catalogued and registered in DBDP where the DBDP team shall use standards, policies and procedures for asset cataloguing, storage and administration of user access, reception, and return of the assets. Upon receipt of the asset, DBDP will catalogue, bar code and store the asset data digitally in the DBDP system. The asset will also be registered and linked to the respective E&P element (either well or seismic line). PEPA and the DBDP members will browse, select, visualize and order available assets using their allocated DBDP software access through the Web Browser.